SDET Certification : A Deep Dive into the Role

These days, the software development industry is really valuing the role of SDET more than before.

Companies want their apps and software to work perfectly and be easy for users. Instead of hiring separate developers and testers, they like to hire someone who can do both – an SDET.

If you have a certification as an SDET from a good school, you’ll be in high demand. But many people don’t know what an SDET does. Here’s the scoop.

Understanding SDET:

SDET, or Software Development Engineer in Test is the individual that is responsible for the quality assurance of the software. They have the technical skills for both testing and development. They are an active part of the software development process. SDET writes code to automate the testing process to effectively find potential issues. 

Their contribution helps the developers detect the issues from the start which will save a lot of time and effort and ensure a timely delivery of the software program. The SDET certification enables individuals to learn both coding and developing to do both jobs without any delay.

The Duties of SDET

  • Test Automation:

The SDETs will automate the testing process to make the testing process more efficient. They develop the script that will be used repetitively to find out the bugs in the program before launching. 

  • Code Review for Quality Assurance:

They learn about coding in the SDET certification and this isn’t just for testing purposes but for development as well. An SDET will review the code written by testers to make sure they are meeting the coding standards. Because of their dual experience, they can ensure that the codebase is bug-free.

  • Collaboration with Developers:

While the SDET is usually considered the quality assurance team, their role is also important for the software developer team. They also work with the software development team to understand the software’s architecture. This will help them to align their testing with the developer’s effort.

SDET vs. Traditional Tester:

Though SDET works as a tester as well their work goes both ways as a tester and developer. They do not just focus on testing the product but they integrate the coding into their testing processes as well.

With their knowledge of both testing and developing they act like a double-edged sword for software developing organizations. Not only do they automate test cases but they also improve the efficiency of developers with their code development and reduce human errors in both developing and testing.

Benefits of Having SDETs in a Team:

Earlier Detection of Bugs

With the speed of automation in the testing process the chances of detecting the bug are way higher and accurate than the human testers.

Also, a human tester may miss some bugs that will ruin the product when launched. SDETs can detect and eliminate the bugs early in the development process. This can save the company time and money that they have to pay to eliminate the big after the launch.

Faster Software Availability

The automation process will not only result in effective testing but can ensure a faster launch of software products that are also bugs free. Companies can meet deadlines much faster and stay ahead of the competition in the evolving software landscape.

More Effective Collaboration:

With the SDET certification, they learn coding which helps in both developing and testing. This makes them perfect individuals who will work for both developers and the testing team. They can be an effective part of a collaborative environment. This collaborative approach enhances overall product quality.


In conclusion, it won’t be wrong to say that the SDET is one of the most crucial parts of the tech landscape where prompt delivery of software and applications is becoming a priority.

The role and responsibility of SDET make them the most valuable asset for software development companies. Consider checking your SDET certification option if you want to start your career in the IT industry for larger exposure, working and learning opportunities, and of course high salaries.

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