10 Tips for a Safer and More Enjoyable Vacation Experience This Year

Your well-deserved break is just around the corner, and you’re probably excited to start your adventure! During vacations, people often let their guard down and prioritize fun over caution. Do you want to have a great time but also stay safe? Then follow these ten tips!

Research your destination first

It’s a fact that some places in the world are safer than others, and this may also vary based on your gender, place of origin, and even beliefs. Take it in stride and choose destinations with less risk, especially while you’re an inexperienced traveler.

Consult your country’s travel advisory service to check on current safety levels. Once you know where you’re going, read up on the most common scams so you don’t get duped.

Keep someone at home in the loop 

Traveling responsibly means sharing your plans and location with friends or family. Keep in contact regularly so they know you’re OK and can provide up-to-date details on your whereabouts if you don’t check in on time. You might also want to work out a safeword that lets them know you’re in trouble without arousing suspicion.

Conversely, don’t post about your adventures on social media until you get home.

Protect your home before leaving

An empty house is an open invitation to thieves, who are especially active in summer. Have someone house-sit while you’re gone or check up on everything a few times daily to make it seem like someone’s still home. Let them collect the mail and do some yard work if you’re gone for a longer time.

Don’t neglect your digital security 

Vigilance in the real world is only part of traveling safely today. Public Wi-Fi offers easy internet access. It’s also easy to tap into, giving hackers wide-open access to any information you disclose while connected. Ideally, you should disconnect from the digital world during your travels.

If that’s not an option, you’ll want to protect yourself with a VPN and a password manager. The VPN is there to secure suspicious connections via complex encryption.

A password manager is more useful beforehand. It lets you update all your passwords with stronger and unique credentials. This will make it far harder to brute-force access to your accounts. Since the manager stores the passwords, no one will see you type them in.

Pack smarter

A good packing philosophy can be summed up in two short rules – pack accordingly and pack less! Splurge on quality luggage that’s resistant to slashing and comes with sturdy locks.

Focus more on functional items like a water filtration bottle, first aid kit, and hygiene products if visiting less developed parts of the world. Leave expensive jewelry and fancy electronic devices at home so you don’t worry about thieves as much.

Keep backup copies of documents & important info

Losing money might be the least of your worries if they also take your passport and credit cards. Photocopy and make digital copies beforehand. Keep the former in your hotel room, just in case. And for the digital copies, make sure that they are securely stored on a cloud.

While you’re at it, collect pertinent information on whom you can turn to in a pinch, like your embassy’s contact info or the country’s emergency service numbers. Take one of the reputable transport companies and local guides as well for a safer experience.

Embrace cashless payment options…

Thieves are always on the lookout for fat wallets and flashy spenders. Make yourself safer and less conspicuous by relying on traveler’s cheques and cards. See if your bank offers international service and deposit money into an account you’ll use exclusively while traveling.

If you need an ATM, check it for skimmers and other suspicious devices. Use ATMs close to banks or police stations since they’re usually maintained more thoroughly.

…But also keep an emergency cash stash

The chances of getting robbed are greater than 0% wherever you are, so plan for the worst. Have at least two hidden stashes & consider bringing a dummy wallet you can hand over to muggers so they’ll leave you alone.

When in Rome

Not acting like a tourist is the best way to stay safe as one. Always look like you know where you’re going, and don’t draw attention with obnoxious or touristy behavior. Research the local customs & dress code and prepare accordingly. This shows respect and makes it more likely the locals will repay you in kind.

Loosen up within reason

It’s important to strike a balance between unwinding and behaving recklessly. Try to maintain situational awareness and don’t take needless risks. If you drink, do so responsibly. It’s better to travel in groups. If you’re going solo, consult hotel staff, a tour guide, or friendly locals about how to behave and which areas to avoid.

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