How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Small Plane? Here Are the Factors

Flying is one of the safest ways to travel. In fact, you’re much better off driving rather than flying. But there’s still a risk when flying. This is why a lot of people prefer driving to their destination.

However, not everyone can drive. Some might be too far away or simply cannot afford a car. So flying is the next option. And it’s way more cost-efficient than driving.

Instead of flying in commercial airliners, consider chartering a small plane. If you’ve never thought of chartering, you might be wondering how much it costs. That’s where we come in.

Below, we’ll give you all you need to know about chartering a plane and the different factors that determine the cost. Let’s get started on how much does it cost to charter a small plane!

Type of Aircraft

The type of aircraft used will greatly affect the cost to charter a small plane. Smaller aircraft will typically be more affordable to charter than larger planes. For example, a small prop plane may cost $175 an hour, while a light mid-size jet may run up to $2,200 per hour.

Similarly, if you need to fly a large jet, you may pay up to $15,000 an hour. The age of the aircraft can also affect price. Older planes will likely be less expensive to charter than more modern and efficient aircraft.

Additionally, the model of the aircraft can also affect the cost, with newer, technologically-advanced models likely to cost more. Finally, the distance travelled is also usually factored into the final cost. The longer the flight, the more expensive it will be to charter a plane.


Costing to charter a small plane will depend heavily on the distance travelled. The longer the trip is, generally the higher the cost will be. This is due to travelling time and fuel used. Depending on the plane, it costs around $100 per hour for a small conventional plane, with a multi-engine plane costing up to $350 an hour.

Longer trips over 2000 miles, however, will result in significantly higher bills due to the greater quantities of fuel that will need to be filled in the aircraft’s tank. 

Duration of Flight

Chartering a small plane can be an expensive endeavor, as the cost largely depends on the flight duration. Short trips of 1-2 hours usually cost about $1,500-2,500, while longer journeys of 4-5 hours cost around $7,500-$10,000.

Furthermore, very long flights of 8+ hours require planes specially configured for very long distance and these come at a much higher cost reaching up to $25,000 per flight.

Geographical location also has an influence as some locations have higher costs associated than others due to aviation regulations. Lastly, fueling costs can also add up quickly; the best way to reduce these costs is to choose planes with better fuel efficiency.

Time of Year

Generally, summer months are peak season for flyer and therefore more expensive. If you are looking to maximize your budget and get the most bang for your buck fly during the off-season.

Try and book your charters during the months of January-March when fares tend to drop lower prices for a winter getaway. Airlines also offer promotional discounts during this time which can help reduce the cost. It is important to keep in mind that different airlines will offer different deals, so do your research and compare before making your decision.

Consider choosing a flight that departs early in the morning or late at night as these times are typically less busy and cheapest. Also, be sure to book your flight far enough in advance. Last minute bookings tend to be more expensive and can raise the cost of chartering a small plane.


Many private jet charter companies charge based on the length of the flight and the speed of the plane. Clients seeking the fastest possible flight will pay a premium.

Planes that are able to fly at supersonic speeds are more expensive to charter because they consume more fuel and there is additional wear and tear on the aircraft. In addition, more skilled pilots are required to fly planes at higher speeds.

On the other hand, chartering a small plane at slower speeds will cost less as they require less fuel, less maintenance and can be flown by less experienced pilots. The cost to charter a small plane is also influenced by the distance of the flight and the availability of the aircraft.

Amenities/Additional Services

If you want a luxurious flight, you may need to pay more money to get the amenities you are looking for. Amenities may include more legroom, a mini bar, live entertainment, larger and more comfortable seating, access to Wi-Fi, and more.

The pilot could also provide you with snacks and drinks for a small fee, as well as refreshments and cinematic entertainment. You may be able to get reduced prices for your flight depending on your destination.

Of course, the longer the flight, the more it will cost. Other amenities could include additional luggage storage, airport pickup, FBO in Boise and access to airport lounges or spas. Before you choose a charter airline, make sure you compare all the amenities they are offering.

Number of People Traveling

If the plane is small, it will typically limit the number of passengers. A charter price is generally determined by calculating the number of people and how far the plane will travel. Larger planes are usually more expensive to charter as they will have the capacity to hold more passengers.

A small plane can usually accommodate between four to eight passengers, depending on the size and model of the aircraft. Larger planes can accommodate up to twenty passengers, which would increase the cost of the charter.

For larger groups, it is often cost effective to purchase several tickets on a commercial airline as this will usually involve a lower cost than chartering a small plane. Furthermore, if fewer people are traveling, the cost per person can be lower than when the plane is filled to its capacity.

Learn How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Small Plane

On how much does it cost to charter a small plane can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the aircraft, duration of the flight, purpose, and the region you’re flying in.

With caution and forward-thinking, you can get a flight that fits your budget and needs. Do research and contact a charter provider to get the best deal.

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