ESL lesson plans – how can they help you teach?

Try our ESL lesson plans. These materials will improve the quality of teaching. How? Lets see!

ESL lesson plans: what do they contain?

You can find ready-to-use English class plans on our website. We made them for all levels, from beginner to advanced. They cover different topics, so you can choose what fits your course. Each plan includes:

  • A simple topic to start the lesson and get everyone talking
  • Exercises to help you learn new words
  • A fun video to watch
  • A game to make learning fun
  • A text or article to read and discuss
  • Review exercises to help you remember what you’ve learned

All of these materials are made by experienced teachers who specialize in teaching English as a second language.

ESL lesson plans: advantages for students

What are the main pros for your students while using ESL lesson plans? Firstly, they can
concentrate on the particular topic. For example, if working with economists or accountants,
you can use lessons from the Business category.

Also, students can gain the knowledge in various ways. Some people learn better by reading,
while others by watching videos or conversations. Our plans give you many forms, so
everyone can find their best ways to remember the material.

Moreover, lessons like that introduce variety to the process of language learning. It is a good
alternative for traditional workbooks. The materials are attractive visually as well as in the
terms of content.

What are the pros for a tutor?

As a teacher, you can spare your time by using ready-made plans. You dont have to prepare
the whole lesson by yourself and plan how to fill the time with interesting exercises. That
allows you to concentrate on the thing that you are the best in: teaching! Remember that
students love working with an engaged, active and enthusiastic tutor. Avoiding overworking
and being tired allows you to be this kind of person for your adult students.

You can also fit the topics to the needs of every group you teach. Thanks to ready-to-use
plans, you dont need to do the research on some topics or create the exercises from scratch.
In our lesson plans, you have the answers prepared, too. That will help you to proceed with
the lesson.

Finally, the plans are dedicated for various lesson duration. The class lasts 60 min? No
problem. You lead the classes for 90 min? We also have plans for that time. You can easily fit
the amount of new knowledge to the time you have with your students.

Do you want to engage your learners better? Youre searching for ways to make lessons
more exciting and interesting? Youre in a good place. Choose our ESL lesson plans and
discover the new quality of English teaching! The progress will motivate people. You will also
feel more encouraged, observing the successes of your students. Check out available topics,
levels and lesson times. Choose the best solution for your group!

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