Collaboration Command Center: 8 Tech Tools for Seamless Teamwork

2024 is a big year for working from home. So, it’s important to have the right tools to work well with others online.

We’ve put together a list of great tech tools that make working together easy and will help you get more done.

We think working together online can be really effective with the right tools. With the ones we’ve chosen for you, we’re sure you’ll find what you need to make your work-from-home experience better than ever.

Top Collaboration Tools for Teams

1. Slack

Slack has quickly become a well-known name in recent years. It’s a highly popular tool for businesses of all sizes, offering instant messaging and collaboration capabilities. With Slack, you can bring all your work communication together in one platform, providing options for direct messages, group messages, channels, voice calls, and video calls.

Slack offers a range of useful features, including the ability to keep channels and groups either public or private. Additionally, you can easily search through past conversations, even after projects or channels have concluded. With over 2000 integrations with other apps and services, it seamlessly connects with your existing workflows. I

2. HelpCrunch

Collaboration becomes effortless with a unified platform. For remote teams seeking seamless communication with customers across multiple channels, we highly recommend HelpCrunch. No more juggling between countless apps to respond to tickets.

Pricing starts at $15/month per team member. However, we strongly suggest the premium plan at $25/month, allowing you to incorporate your own custom branding. For teams with 20 or more users, the enterprise option is available.

An important condition for effective and productive work is the speed of the smartphone and the availability of sufficient free memory.

This suggests an additional solution – an iPhone cleaning app. You can install the best iPhone storage cleaner and clean your device with a couple of taps on the screen. This could be CleanUp, which is capable of removing duplicate contacts, photos, and videos, as well as compressing them.

3. Around

Around is a sleek and minimalistic solution, perfect for teams that frequently use multiple apps during meetings. The interface is intelligently designed to replicate a hive of workspaces, rather than a conventional conference table. Users have the ability to attend pre-scheduled meetings or create breakout “rooms” to collaborate with others while focusing on their tasks.

This innovative technology automatically removes unnecessary empty space, zooming in on your face and shoulders while cropping out most of the background. Unlike traditional video conferencing where everyone appears in a wall of videos, Around displays each participant in their own floating “bubbles.” These bubbles stay on top of other windows, allowing you to maintain eye contact even as you switch between different applications on your computer.

4. Trello

No remote collaboration list is complete without Trello. It’s the king of Kanban boards, offering a simple and effective way to collaborate and keep track of project progress. Teams who prefer a minimalistic style without unnecessary frills love Trello.

The popularity of Trello stems from its free usability, without imposing strict limitations on non-paying users. In fact, even free users can create unlimited boards without needing a paid subscription.

5. Planable

Whether you’re crafting social media posts that go viral, scheduling content for maximum impact, or developing newsletters that captivate your audience, Planable is the ultimate project management solution to streamline your team’s workflow.

With its real-time collaboration features, Planable empowers your team to effortlessly co-write blog articles, create briefs and emails, and provide and receive feedback – all within a single, user-friendly interface. The intuitive calendar view gives you a comprehensive overview of your content marketing strategy, ensuring that no blog post, email, or social media update gets overlooked.

6. Notion

Have you ever heard of TV shows having a “bible”? These reference guides hold the show’s history, and creative protocols, and are worn down with fingerprints from collaborators past and present. The Notion is like a digital company bible, serving as a secure online wiki.

It replaces the collective understanding that comes with sharing a physical space, making it perfect for remote teams. It’s a place to document and reference protocols, workflows, standards, and branding. With Notion, everyone stays on the same page.

7. Zoom

Ever since the new normal of working from home emerged, Zoom has experienced an enormous surge in its user base. It’s worth noting that Zoom had already established itself as an industry leader in the video conferencing realm before this societal shift.

Zoom’s free plan is quite accommodating for users who prefer not to upgrade. The primary limitation is a 40-minute time constraint on group meetings. However, it’s important to highlight that one-on-one meetings have no such time limit, regardless of the plan you choose.

8. Airfocus

Roadmaps are a powerful tool to elevate your remote collaboration to new heights. With Airfocus, you have the flexibility to create roadmaps in both Kanban and timeline styles. Sharing your roadmaps becomes a breeze, allowing you to select which areas of the board are visible to recipients.

The best part? You can invite an unlimited number of viewers to access your roadmaps, making Airfocus an ideal solution for companies with a large client base. Prices start at just $29/month, but if you’re interested in exploring enterprise options, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Airfocus sales team.


If you are thinking about how to empower seamless teamwork, you will quickly conclude that additional tools are needed. Having the right arsenal of tools for remote work is of utmost importance. Just analyze your tasks, look at advanced collaboration tools, and choose your options. You will see results already on the first working day.

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