The Wanderer’s Bucket List: Must-Visit Places Around the World

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If you’re anything like me, and have a globe on your bedside table instead of a goodnight book, then chances are, you’re also infected with the incurable disease of wanderlust. The cure? There isn’t any! But there’s a temporary fix – ticking off places from your colossal list of ‘Must-See Spots’ before you kick the bucket!

Allow me to suggest a few showstoppers that are worthy contenders for your list:

Let’s take a dip first!

The Great Barrier Reef: Talk about biodiversity overload! Home to 1,500 fish species and 411 types of hard coral, it’s basically an underwater city, but without the traffic lights and honking cars!

Time for a hike, anyone?

Machu Picchu: Perched atop the Andes, this age-old Inca city never goes out of style. If stair-climbing isn’t your favorite workout, trust me, this place is worth every huff and puff!

Love a bit of architecture?

Taj Mahal: Here’s one for the romantics. A white marble wonder that’s just as lovely as the love story it encapsulates. A must-see if you’re in India, or even on planet Earth!

Let’s head to the wild side!

The Serengeti National Park: Where lions, elephants, zebras and an array of wildlife just casually stroll by. Don’t worry, they don’t ask for autographs!

How about a rain-check in the Amazon?

The Amazon Rainforest: Boasting over half of the world’s known plant and animal species, it’s like a never-ending treasure hunt. Bonus points if you spot a unicorn!

Ready for a salty experience?

The Dead Sea: It’s so salty, even pickles would blush! As the lowest point on Earth, it’s known for its spa-like properties. You’ll float like a cork and emerge feeling like a new penny!

Missing the city life?

Tokyo: Think neon lights, sky-high buildings, the Tokyo Tower, and the Shibuya Crossing. It’s the Big Apple on steroids, just without the apples!

And finally, a little bit of love…

Paris: The city of love, tasty pastries, and architectural eye-candy. If Paris isn’t on your list, I’d question your list’s existence!

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