Who is Notti Osama | Who Killed him? (August 2023)

Notti Osama

Ethan Reyes, known by his stage name Notti Osama, was a 14-year-old rap sensation from the streets of Harlem, New York.

The only thing faster than his rise to fame was his rhymes, but tragically, his journey was cut short in July 2022. His absence left a hole in the hearts of fans big enough to drop a beat into.

Born with a mic in his hand (not really, but close) on January 25, 2008, Notti Osama was the youngest of six siblings. They were rich in talent but not so much in cash, often staying in homeless shelters. Notti’s flair and skill shone like bling through his circumstances. He was like a human rhyming dictionary, quickly gathering followers online.

2022 was Notti’s year with his single release, “Dead Opps.” The song didn’t just make waves; it made tsunamis in the music world, paving the way for hits like “Too Tact,” “41k,” and “Deadly.” He even paired up with other rappers, including his bro, DD Osama. His music was as raw as a salad and hit the right notes.

Notti’s Tunes: More Gritty than a Sandpaper Sandwich

Notti Osama’s lyrics were filled with street truths and as gritty as a sandpaper sandwich, yet people loved his honesty. Like a musical Robin Hood, he told tales of youngsters facing poverty.

On July 9, 2022, Notti Osama’s life met a fatal plot twist in a clash at a Manhattan subway station. His Death was a shocker, sparking fiery debates about gun violence and drill music. Some might say it even made the gangsta rappers sit down to think.

Who Killed him?

Over the previous weekend, Ethan Reyes, a 14-year-old boy, was discovered with fatal stab wounds at a subway station platform in north Harlem. He was quickly rushed to a nearby hospital, but sadly, he was declared dead a short time after arrival. The District Attorney’s office in Manhattan has since named 15-year-old Kelvin Martinez as the individual they suspect is responsible for the stabbing.

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Notti’s Legacy: Rhymes That Live On

Though the boy Wonder’s life ends early, Notti’s influence dances on. His music continues to be the soundtrack for young rebels everywhere, proving that even art can wear a cape.

The Aftershock of Notti’s Exit

Notti’s loss shook the hip-hop world with over a thousand bass drops. Fans and fellow artists paid their respects in tweets, posts, and beats. His Death stirred up talks about gun violence and drill music. Some say it’s terrible; others say it’s just misunderstood. Either way, the loss was a downbeat in a melody full of promise.

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The Tangled Web of Drill Music and Notti Osama’s Departure

Notti Osama’s passing brought drill music back into the spotlight. Critics say it’s like adding fuel to the fire of violence, while supporters argue it’s the mirror reflecting the harsh life of the streets. It’s a debate that even Socrates would find tricky.

A Foundation With a Beat: Notti’s Memory Lives On

In memory of Notti, his family set up a foundation faster than you can say, “hip-hop scholarship.” It’s all about helping young music buffs, raising awareness about youth issues, and keeping Notti’s groove alive.

Notti Osama’s Tunes: Still Climbing Charts

The kid’s gone, but his music’s still climbing charts like a cat on drapes. His tracks are streaming, popping up in movies and shows, and making Notti immortal in the rap world.

Notti’s Legacy: More Than Just Rhymes

Notti’s Death is like a rap song that got real. It’s inspiring change, spurring youngsters to raise their voices against gun violence. His story is a musical journey that keeps on playing.

Police on the Beat in Harlem After Notti’s Exit

More police in Harlem after Notti’s Death? Some say, “Yes, please,” while others say, “No, thanks.” It’s a move getting more mixed reviews than a pop star’s rap album.

A Fresh Generation of Rappers: Notti Osama’s Disciples

Notti’s passing inspired new rappers faster than a DJ spins records. They’re here, telling their stories, carrying on the beat.

Notti’s Tunes: A Symphony of Hope

Notti’s music is now a beacon in Harlem, more illuminating than streetlights. It’s the voice of resilience, the rhythm of life.

A Cry for Change in Harlem

Change is in the air, like a fresh beat dropping. People want more education, less violence, and a remix of society.

Notti Lives On: The Encore

Notti’s here, in every beat, rhyme, and heart. He’s a symbol of art’s power, a continuing melody.

In Conclusion

Notti Osama was the boy who rapped his way to fame and into our hearts. His exit was more untimely than a rapper trying to sing opera, but his music keeps his legacy alive. He reminds us that art can shake the world and make it groovier. His story tells us to rap against violence and dance toward a fairer society. It’s a tune worth listening to.

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