Batchelor Brothers Funeral Home Goldsboro NC Obituaries

batchelor brothers funeral home goldsboro nc obituaries

In Goldsboro, North Carolina, there’s a place families have turned to for over a century: the Batchelor Brothers Funeral Home. Two brothers, William and John Batchelor, started this family business in 1912. Since then, this funeral home has been a pillar in the Goldsboro community.

What makes the Batchelor Brothers Funeral Home special is their heartfelt and expert approach. They genuinely care for families in difficult times. From various funeral and cremation services to crafting touching funerals that truly reflect the departed, they’re there every step of the way.

Sharing Memories: Obituaries by Batchelor Brothers

The Batchelor Brothers Funeral Home keeps a record of obituaries on its website. What’s in an obituary? Well, it tells:

  • Who the person was
  • When they were born and when they left
  • Where they were born and where they passed away
  • How they passed away
  • Their dear ones were left behind
  • Details about the funeral

Obituaries do more than inform. They celebrate life and offer solace to families in sorrow.

Recent Memories Shared

A few of the recent obituaries at Batchelor Brothers include:

Marshall Cox: On October 3, 2023, at 85 years old, Mr. Cox left us. Originally from Pikeville, North Carolina, he spent his later years in Greenville, South Carolina. He was a devoted church member and a loving family man; his absence will touch many.

Manor Artis: Mrs. Artis, from Pikeville, North Carolina, departed on September 30, 2023. At 77 years old, she was a cherished community member and a warm family figure. Many will remember her fondly.

Raymond Hall: Fremont, North Carolina’s Mr. Hall left on September 4, 2023, at 61 years old. A dedicated church member and a pillar in his family, his memory will live on in the hearts of many.

Xavier “Rich” Boone: Leaving on August 12, 2023, 56-year-old Mr. Boone from Mount Olive, North Carolina, was not just a caring family man but also a thriving businessman. His legacy will continue.

These stories are just a glimpse. If you’re seeking more, their website has them all.

Why Families Trust Batchelor Brothers

People in Goldsboro know that Batchelor Brothers Funeral Home equals kindness and expertise. They offer numerous services, ensuring each farewell is special and heartfelt. When respect and warmth matter, families know where to turn.

Serving Beyond Funerals: Batchelor Brothers in the Community

For 100 years, the Batchelor Brothers Funeral Home hasn’t just arranged funerals. They’ve been active community members. Their support extends to local causes like the Goldsboro Soup Kitchen. They even offer free services to veterans and their families. Places like the Goldsboro Boys & Girls Club and the American Cancer Society also feel their generosity.

Their community spirit shows in how they treat each family. They understand grief and go beyond to support families.

Everyone’s Welcome: Embracing Diversity at Batchelor Brothers

Every family, regardless of background or faith, finds a welcome at Batchelor Brothers Funeral Home. They respect diverse traditions and customs. Their team speaks various languages, ensuring everyone feels heard and understood.

Services Offered by Batchelor Brothers

From classic funerals to contemporary cremations, Batchelor Brothers Funeral Home has it all. They even offer pre-planning, helping families both financially and emotionally. They ensure that every family’s wishes come first.

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