How to Clean a Frigidaire Ice Maker in 5 Easy Steps

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How to Clean a Frigidaire Ice Maker, Cleaning your Frigidaire ice maker is not as hard as it might seem! I will guide you through each step to make sure your ice maker is sparkling clean and working perfectly. Let’s start by getting everything you need ready.

Gather Materials

Before we start, make sure you have these items:

  • A clean towel
  • A cup of white vinegar
  • A spray bottle mixed with water and a bit of dish soap
  • A soft-bristled brush (a toothbrush will do just fine!)

Turn off the Ice Maker: How to Clean a Frigidaire Ice Maker

First things first, you need to turn off your ice maker to make sure it is safe to clean. This will stop it from making ice while you clean.

Remove the Ice Bin

Next, take out the ice bin. Unplug your fridge first to be safe. Find the lever that releases the ice bin, press it down, and gently pull out the bin. Be careful with any water that might spill out. Dry up any spills with your towel.

Clean the Ice Maker Basket

Now, take the basket out and wash it under warm water. If you see any stubborn spots, use a little bit of mild soap. Make sure you rinse it well and dry it completely before you put it back.

Clean the Ice Maker Shelves

For the shelves inside the ice maker, you will need:

  • A clean cloth
  • Some descaling solution (if needed)

Here’s how to clean them:

  1. Take out the shelves.
  2. Wipe them with the cloth. If they are really dirty, you might want to use some descaling solution. Just follow the instructions on the bottle.
  3. Rinse with warm water and dry them well.

Clean the Ice Maker Motor

To clean the motor:

  1. Make sure the ice maker is unplugged.
  2. Open up the cover to get to the motor.
  3. Gently wipe away any dust or dirt.
  4. Put the cover back and plug in the ice maker.

Clean the Ice Maker Water Line: How to Clean a Frigidaire Ice Maker

For this part, you will need:

  • A cup of white vinegar
  • A funnel
  • Some pliers

Here’s what to do:

  1. Turn off the water supply to your ice maker.
  2. Disconnect the water line at the back.
  3. Use the funnel to pour vinegar into the line. Let it run through.
  4. Rinse the line with water until it doesn’t smell like vinegar anymore.
  5. Connect the water line back and turn on the water supply.

Run a few cycles of ice to make sure the water is clean.

Inspect the Ice Maker for Damage

After cleaning, take a moment to look over your ice maker for any signs of damage, like cracks or leaks. Check that the basket and shelves aren’t bent or broken. If you spot any problems, you might need to fix or replace parts of the ice maker.

Also, if the ice isn’t coming out right or looks weird, it could be a water line issue. Turn off the water, disconnect the line, and check for any problems. If you find a blockage or a kink, try to fix it. If it’s beyond a simple fix, you might need a new water line.

By following these steps, you’ll keep your ice maker in top shape, ensuring you always have fresh and clear ice at hand. Remember, regular cleaning is key to a long-lasting and efficient ice maker!

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