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Qureka banner

Qureka banner, a live quiz app, lets players check their wisdom and grab amazing prizes. It boasts more than 25 quiz categories, like general facts, science, movies, sports, etc. Plus, Qureka hosts quizzes every hour and daily live game shows!

Playing on Qureka

Before diving into a Qureka quiz, ensure you’ve got an account set up and got one. Great! Now dive into fun quiz types: pick an answer, say if it’s true/false or fill in missing words.

Every quiz gives you just enough time for each question. Quiz formats dictate how many questions you get and the time limit.

Guess right? You earn points! Rack up more points to climb the leaderboard. Finish at the top? The prize is yours!

Cool Stuff on Qureka

  • Live Game Shows: Qureka daily rolls out live games featuring famous hosts with fabulous prizes.
  • Quizzes Every Hour: Want something quicker? Play hourly quizzes for smaller prizes.
  • Daily Tasks: Ace daily tasks to collect coins and learn new stuff.
  • Leaderboards: See where you stand in different quiz categories against other players.
  • Coins Galore: Play, finish tasks, or get friends onboard to earn coins. Spend them to join contests, get clues or unlock cool things.

Why Play on Qureka?

Here’s why:

  • Learn More: Discover cool facts across various topics.
  • Have a Blast: Challenge your brain and enjoy.
  • Prizes Await: Snag rewards from live games or hourly quizzes: cash, gift cards and more!
  • Make Friends: With a family of 10 million players, there’s always someone new to meet.

Winning on Qureka

Want to win big? Here’s how:

  • Learn: The more facts you know, the better.
  • Keep Playing: The more games you play, the sharper you get.
  • Need a Clue?: Grab a hint if a question stumps you, but it’ll cost coins. Spend wisely!
  • Team Up: Pair with other players, tackle tasks and grab prizes.

Qureka’s Journey

Back in 2018, Shalini Tewari and Kumar Apurva birthed Qureka. It first won hearts in India and then went global. Now, 10 million people play on Qureka!

Why the big love? Diverse quizzes, live shows and social fun top the list. Winning things like cash, gift vouchers, and trips is always sweet!

Learning with Qureka

Qureka isn’t just playtime. It’s an intelligent learning buddy, too! Quizzes span topics from fun facts to serious science and past events. So, Qureka helps you learn loads and prep for extensive tests by pinning down what you know and what you need to brush up on.

Qureka’s Heartbeat: A Vibrant Community

At its heart, Qureka isn’t just about answering questions and grabbing fun rewards. It’s all about a lively community. The nature of the app beats with shared learning and friendly challenges. This feeling of belonging makes Qureka unique compared to other quiz games.

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Whenever someone joins a game, they’re not just playing against unknown faces. They’re joining a passionate group of learners from all over the world. Yes, the fun is in the challenge, but there’s also a secret bond. You see it when players team up, swap game plans, and cheer for one another. It’s more than just a quiz win. It’s the start of new friendships. Many players talk about how they’ve met folks from all walks of life, connected over things they love, or discovered new customs and cultures, all thanks to Qureka.

Plus, Qureka helps everyone keep growing. Unlike old quiz games focusing on right or wrong, Qureka ensures every player gains something priceless – new things to know.

Players dive into topics they never knew before because they want to do even better next time. The community chats and discussion groups are always alive with conversations, questions, and fun facts, making learning even more fun.

Looking Ahead

Though Qureka’s still young, it has promise in learning and fun sectors. With fresh features and quizzes, like the new virtual reality games, Qureka keeps players curious.

Qureka’s future? Bright, bold and always exciting!

Qureka Game Hacks

Here’s how to rock your games:

  • Study What You Love: Know your stuff and answer with confidence.
  • Play A Lot: Get better with every game you play.
  • Stuck? Use Hints: If a question’s inflexible, hints can help. But remember, they’ll cost coins.
  • Find a Team: Partner with other players, take on tasks, and win.
  • Stay Calm: Every quiz won’t be a win, but don’t worry. Keep at it, and you’ll only get better.

In Conclusion

Qureka offers fun and learning, letting players test their brains and snag awesome rewards. It’s perfect for brushing up on facts, enjoying yourself and meeting new pals. Want a fun and fruitful way to spend your free time? Give Qureka a whirl!

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